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This Jungian Life

Jul 11, 2024

Where are our lost talents and disowned powers hiding?

PERSONAL SHADOW WORK: Where is your dark twin hiding? Helps us identify parts of ourselves pushed into the unconscious due to conflicts with our family of origin and misalignment with cultural and family norms. We first encounter shadow by projecting it on others....

Jul 11, 2024

How can the shared imaginal realms of Jung and Tolkien empower us to navigate our personal journeys and transform our understanding of self and community?

In exploring the uncanny shared imaginal realms of Jung and Tolkien, author Becca Tarnas uncovers a profound intersection of depth psychology and...

Jul 4, 2024

Can spontaneous art-making harness the power of imagery and symbols to promote emotional healing and self-discovery?

Mark Dean, Jungian analyst, professional artist, professor, and art therapist, helps us explore the profound connection between art-making and psychological growth, using imagery, metaphors, and symbols...

Jun 27, 2024

Can understanding self-sabotage empower you to overcome hidden barriers and transform your life?

Understanding Self-Sabotage is crucial for unlocking our true potential and overcoming barriers to personal growth. We can identify the unconscious complexes that hinder our progress by exploring internalized negative...

Jun 20, 2024


Can the synergy between AI technology and human expertise revolutionize dream interpretation, promote personal growth, and ensure ethical considerations in the age of digital psychology?

John Temple's AI dream...