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This Jungian Life

May 25, 2023

Understanding gambling illuminates the amalgam of desire, risk, and reward that defines our interactions with a capricious world. The lure of gambling, entwined within the fabric of human history, irresistibly draws us to its mesmerizing dance of fortune and chance. Exploring the gambler's psyche, we'll discover the psychospiritual elements that pull us towards Lady Luck. Gambling's allure is steeped in mythology. The concept of chance, the Moirai of Greek lore, the Roman Goddess Fortuna, and the I Ching from ancient China evoke the numinous aspect of luck, symbolically guiding us through its enigmas. This mythological lens offers a universal perspective. The Gambler, a mercurial figure inhabiting conscious and unconscious realms, represents our inherent wish to transcend known boundaries. Presenting in various forms - the trickster, dreamer, and adventurer - the Gambler embodies the tension between control and surrender, resonating with our struggle to balance familiarity and novelty. Eros and Thanatos, the opposing drives of life and death, fuel the gambling world. The lure of infinite possibilities animates Eros within the gambler, who, in his euphoria, overlooks his vulnerabilities—fear and desire mix, producing a potent cocktail. Temporarily, the gambler escapes this reality through the exhilarating throws of chance, finding aliveness in this tension. The capricious Fortuna, goddess of luck, fate, and fortune, reigns over the gambling world. Her symbol, the Wheel of Fortune, reflects the perpetual rise and fall of fortunes, echoing the rhythm of life itself. In her dual nature - benevolent Fortuna Bona and disastrous Fortuna Mala - she challenges the gambler to confront control's limits and embrace uncertainty. Tyche, Greek counterpart to Fortuna, carries a cornucopia of rewards for life’s risk-takers who dare to pursue success, a heroic vision central to the modern entrepreneur. In the end, the gambler’s relationship with chance is a mirror that reflects the essential human condition, for we are all, in a sense, gamblers, poised on the precipice of the unknown. As we journey through life, we must learn to embrace the uncertainties and risks that define our existence, for it is in the very act of embracing the gamble that we find the courage to forge our destinies.

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