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This Jungian Life

Oct 10, 2019

A planned, collaborative termination is the ideal way to bring a depth-oriented therapeutic process to a close. The client may have resolved a problematic life issue and/or have achieved an abiding sense of wholeness. When both partners feel the client’s sense of completion and readiness for a new phase of life, this kind of termination can feel like a graduation, albeit with the poignancy farewells also entail. There are also less satisfying endings for both therapist and client. The fit between therapist and client may not be good enough to form a strong bond; illness, death or a geographic relocation may derail the process; interpersonal conflict may fail to be resolved; or financial difficulty may impose a premature ending. Jung compares a depth psychological process to combining chemicals in a vessel: although the goal is change in the service of individuation, both people are always affected.


"I'm a student in a classroom. I recognize one student, someone I know who, like me, has a talent for deception and manipulation, but he is malicious and I am not...I've put a lot of work into not letting these aspects of myself run amok. This student is clearly not interested in the class and doesn't want to be here. I then realize this is a sort of "personality" class that we've been assigned because of our troubling traits. The teacher (a female I don't recognize) is on the verge of tears as she flips through a stack of papers which I understand to be transcripts of conversations between this other student and people he's treated badly...using their secrets against them, things like that. Another student leans over to me and whispers "she's going through yours next" and I say "but I don't do things like that". The teacher looks up at me still visibly upset, about to cry. She says to me "You're supposed to come back next week, right? Well, don't come, I don't have time to spend on a MAILBOX student like you" and I say to her "The way you're feeling right now, I've been making people feel like that my whole life and I'm very sorry."